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About Tshwaraganang

In 2002 Mama Catherine, recognised the need for education in her local community and took immediate action.

Mama Catherine not only discovered that the majority of the youth in her community were not attending school; she discovered that many of the children had no funds available for education and that, as a result of AIDS; had the weight of the world placed on their tiny shoulders to provide and care for their parents who could no longer take care of their children.

Her first plan of action was to take the children, of all ages to a local school where she explained the unfortunate situation of the children to various principals and how an education would most certainly improve their futures. Unfortunately this did not work as she was contacted 2-3 weeks after securing spots for the children in school by the principals who explained to Mama Catherine that the youth was no longer present.

She then began to take the children under her wing and make them comfortable in her own home where she cared for them for 4 years. Tshwaraganang Children’s Home was brought to life in 2006 by none other than Mama Catherine herself when she found an abandoned stand and with some help created what is now a home to many orphaned children.